Timber Frame at it's best

Timberframe is a precision engineered structure that is remarkably strong and durable.

The thermal efficiency of timber frame is legendary, providing homes that are very comfortable and require a lot less energy to heat. Both today and in the future, all buildings must conform to new thermal performance standards and timber is a natural insulator, enhancing the efficiency of the insulation materials.

Also, the inherent dimensional accuracy of our timber frame kits, means that walls are vertical and flat and rooms are square, making decorating and the installation of carpets and fitted furniture less demanding and improving the quality of your finished home.

Timber frame construction allows a very high level of internal design flexibility as internal walls need not be structural load-bearing walls, and the roof space is often useable too.

Lifestyle benefits:

  • High levels of thermal performance mean warm, draft free, comfortable accommodation.
  • A flexible technology allowing for very speedy construction and ease of future modification.
  • Good acoustic properties mean less noise from neighbours.
  • An environmentally friendly home with a modern feel.
  • Typically up to 40%+ lower space heating energy costs.
  • Low cyclic maintenance needs.

"Meets and often exceeds all current building regulations."


Kit Construction

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